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Chase Gray
United States
Welcome to my humble page friend! n_n

I enjoy all kinds of art but I prefer concept, technical, line and pin-up style...

I thank you for coming by and hope you enjoy my work! Cheers! :happybounce:
Sorry for not posting anything lately watchers, browsers and other meat mechas... I generally believe that most people dont even read journals, although I do read a few of the hundreds of artists I follow, at any rate, I felt I should tell you whats going on.

So I have multiple pieces in the works right now, alas, holiday season in a pharmacy is insane, and I just havent been able to work on my own stuff recently. However, things should balance out soon and I can begin finishing said works.

I have about 5 or so FULL COLOR PAINTED pieces coming your way! I chose some of the more popular works of mine plus a few little things I wanted to do...

As to style, mine continues to change, I seem to transition from a semi-realistic ultra detailed style, to a more painterly realistic concept art style...

My multitude of influences affects this and I have yet to really decide to choose a style, so for now, you may have to endure my seemingly back and forth looks in my work...

I have many influences, and even nobody artists on here give me inspiration...being "important" or well known is irrelevant to me...but there are some established styles that many people on here recognize, and I aspire to reach a level of that sort and have people say "Ah yes, thats BlitzJaegers work" if you are curious about what I mean, I see my end goal in my work being something highly discernible such as these artists here:
:iconsquirrelshaver: :iconmikedoscher: :icondanluvisiart: :iconartgerm: :iconsakimichan: :iconshimmering-sword:

I also havent decided if I want to keep my lines in my pieces or not, many people compliment my line work, and it seems it would be a shame to cut out (paint over) one of the attributes that seems to draw people to my work.

What do you think?

At any rate, I may try posting a few pieces as both lined and painted over and see what you good artisans think.

Hope you are all well and I wish you a belated merry holidays. Please dont write me off yet! I DO have stuff coming, alas I am just not very fast yet with has taken me a year to even learn how to do basic painting, but after many classes and tutorials I believe I am making progress enough that at least I wont be (entirely) embarrassed to show you.

I am somewhat perfectionist as an artist and HATE revealing work I dont feel lives up to a standard I believe I can achieve...cheers! :ahoy:

Blitz / Chase
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